Strengthen & join forces. Building a community.

pangea foundation

Strengthen & join forces

Like-minded initiatives getting support to build a new local ‘Pangea connected’ cooperative. For newcomers entrepeneurs to build their businesses. Pangea foundation supports local fundraising, helps cooperatives to integrate the Pangea Program, connecting local businesses and municipalities.

We believe in research, constantly developing & sharing knowledge due to our connections with EU Universities and Enter To Transform. To sharpen and enrich the Pangea programs over and over again.

Our vision

We believe that there are enormous opportunities to connect the potential of newcomer entrepreneurs much more strongly to local companies, the economy and society.

By seeing these entrepreneurs for who they are: powerful, creative business people who come to bring opportunity for all of us if they can harness their talent and use their valuable experience.

Pangea foundatiom

Our mission

Through sophisticated and complete programs we realize a strong community of independent newcomers entrepreneurs in connection with local entrepreneurs. Together we add well-being and prosperity to our society so that integration follows naturally.

Building a community

Newcomers entrepeneurs that succeed the Pangea program, will establish their very own business in their new homeland. With structural turnover from the official moment of fully independent establishment. Thanks to the structure of Social Cooperatives that work the Pangea way.

All these established newcomer entrepeneurs will stay connected. As a Pangea Community Member. As a true inspiration for the people that will follow. As a new connection in the local business networks. As a business partner, supplier or customer for newcomers that just started with the program. To finally co-carrying the Pangea Network themselves. All over the Netherlands. All over Europe. Who’s to say.

That is the Dream we want to make real. Together.

We Are Pangea.