About Us

What is Pangea Coöperaties?

We Are Pangea

At Pangea Coöperaties we believe that
entrepreneurs, and refugee / newcomers
entrepreneurs in particular, are talented
people who can enrich our economy and
inspire society.

As soon as the ways, rules, communication
and networks are unlocked, the possibilities
are limitless. For all of us.

The main Pangea Programs will be executed within so-called Social Cooperatives. Learn more about the benefits right here.

All cooperatives that (will) run the Pangea Programs are supported and facilitated by the Pangea Foundation.

Beyond Business Coaching

Just training/coaching or a business plan is not
enough. We believe in an all-in approach.

Intercultural communication, dialogue with local entrepreneurs and building a relevant business network is key.

The program is only successful if there is enough turnover to really establish yourself.

Meet The Team

The people behind pangea

We can only do it with like-minded people who want to learn and contribute with their networks

Marcel Keyser

General Manager

Jacqueline Boots

Manager Operations

Joost Honig


Rob Croonenberg

Manager Partners

Dafne van Baarle

Senior Trainer

Maryse Spruijt

Graphic Designer

Amber Davidse

Content Specialist