Working Together For Sustainable Integration And Work Solutions

Entrepreneurship - Part of the Solution

Sustainable integration asks for sustainable networks

The responsibility and coordination function of municipalities has been increased with the “Nieuwe Inburgeringswet”. It is now about realizing long-term work solutions and integration of newcomers.

Many of them will find their route towards sustainable salaried employment. But this group also knows many talented entrepreneurs with experience. Even if they don’t directly communicate that explicitly for various reasons.

Training and a few coaching sessions are apparently not enough to make independent entrepreneurship sustainable. Real integration with local entrepreneurs, and knowledge sharing with municipalities is essential. That is the starting point for us and the municipalities we work with. That’s why they are our partners.

Growing business within a social cooperative gives unique possibilities: It generates room for small investment and growth for newcomers on social benefit and reduces administrative settlement for your municipality at the same time.

Why is this Pangea program being executed within so-called social cooperatives?

We Strive To Let People
Participating Structurally

So, Let’s Strive For It Together