The program

not just workshops.
We Support Your Business Up To Structural Turnover!

Your Road To Success in 3 phases

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'Start your business'

In a group of fellow entrepreneurs you’ll get your series of workshops.
You learn about relevant law, intercultural (business) communication,
gain the network to complete and pitch your business plan.
We bring in investors and other credit suppliers where needed.

But that’s not all.

Then you start building up your business. Within the cooperative you develop your company.
To finally establish your own business with structural turnover.

With help from the team, in cooperation with local business people. Within 12 months.

Phase 1

Workshops, Communication, Completing Business plan, Pangea Pitch Final Plan

Phase 2

Building up your business, exchange knowledge with your local Business Buddy, unlocking new local networks.

Phase 3

Growing your business, establish your company with structural turnover / income

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