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Pangea is about unlocking international talent to generate business. By opening up and connecting each other’s networks. To inspire newcomers entrepreneurs ànd to learn from them. In this way, with our partners, we enrich our society, economy and our lives.


International partner for the education program and microcredit options for candidates within the program.


Even before the start we were happy to connect in the city of Alkmaar with this international network: to connect established business people with newcomers entrepeneurs.

Gemeenten Nederland

Our municipal partners are fully engaged with newcomers. The ‘Nieuwe Inburgeringswet’ creates more urgency for sustainable outflow & integration in society. Our All-in program for Entrepreneurial talent helps to reach these goals.

Oranje Fonds

National funding partner from the very beginning, always inspired & inspiring by social action that generates real chances for people.


International partner for the multi-language refugees@business.app with tutorials of relevant law / regulations in a business.


We are developing long lasting relationships with these like-minded business professionals. To create opportunities both ways.

ICT Vanaf morgen

Circulair working places & IT education, refurbishing laptops to create social buying & supporting social initiatives as Pangea by sponsoring the gear.


International partner in accountancy and advisory with their innovative impact centre: Pangea is exploring the partnering pathways with BDO for newcomers entrepreneurs in several ways.


National partner supporting all social cooperatives in the Netherlands with starting up, sharing knowledge, tools and education.

Vrienden Loterij

The Vrienden Loterij supports all organizations that make life more beautiful by committed to the well- being of people. Donations will make it possible to help more refugees in the coming years to start a business in the Netherlands.

Anton Jurgens Fonds

The Anton Jurgens Fund is a lever for initiatives that help people in vulnerable situations. Donations will make it possible to help more refugees in the coming years to start a business in the Netherlands.

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