Core Values

The core values of pangea

Inspiration and perseverance

Just like ourselves, all affiliated entrepreneurs (newcomer entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs) believe that inspiration and perseverance are essential values.

Now: to bring your own business idea from hope – to dream – to reality with the Pangea program.

But also later: to tell the new established newcomers entrepreneurs their story to upcoming new members.

Inspiration and perseverance will be the common thread through the inspiring meetings with our ‘Local Business Buddies’.

But it goes beyond that. During the elaboration of important lessons within the program, as well as in unexpected mutual moments in the group, inspiration and perseverance will be of great value.

After all, these values ​​form the daily basis of the Pangea adventure. For all of us.


To build a company, growth is a core value. Personal growth, growth in knowledge and ways to establish a business in the Netherlands, growth thanks to the joining of forces in mutual collaborations. Within Pangea, and especially beyond with the relevant business community. To really develop your business. To build. Growth in order to achieve current turnover. People who, thanks to their strength within the program, can fully use their talent again and thus settle and integrate permanently.


Pangea exists by the grace of connection. The connection with local entrepreneurs, the connection with fellow newcomer entrepreneurs (in and outside the group), the connection with and within the new society. And finally via our Pangea Community Membership: the lasting connection in the community that will arise from established newcomer entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs. To create new chances over and over again. To maintain businesses.


This is where Pangea really wants to make a difference. Result is not a nice plan and coaching. The result of a completed Pangea program is the real establishment of the newcomers entrepreneur: with structural current turnover, in order to be truly independent.